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This is the path to Lakenheath.
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The village Walk, 5.1km (3.2mi)

Approximately 1h

The red line shows the walk. Click on the map to enlarge in a new window. After several emails I have received a call from a Rights of Way Support Officer informing me the public foot paths around the site will be cut twice a year. Fingers crossed the path will not be so overgrown when you get here! The walk

Leaving the camp site proceed along the edge of the Fen Drain until you meet the bank. The site

Here you turn right And followed the old flood defences along the path of the Lakenheath New Lode.
Looking out over the fields you may see deer like these
When you reach the road go straight on along the top af the bank.
When you reach the end of the bank it's slightly shorter to use the road but I chose to continue along the old flood defences.
Turn left when you reach the track.
At the road turn right over the Cut-off channel, turn right at the main road to get to the shop etc.

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