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The Paddock Sedge Fen

In the office on site I have a freezer stocked with a few items, a selection of non-perishables, and a fridge with cold drinks. This is work in progress and will be stocked to reflect visitors requirements. If you would like to order the breakfast packs please contact us and we will arrange for the items to be ready for your arrival.

The Breakfast Packs

7.50 Breakfast Pack (recommended for 4):
- 6 Classic Free-Range Pork Sausages
- 8 Rashers Drycure Smoked Bacon
- 1/2 doz Local Free-Range Eggs
- 6 Locally Produced Tomatoes

12.50 Breakfast Pack (recommended for 6+)
- 12 Classic Free-Range Pork Sausages
- 12 Rashers Drycure Smoked Bacon
- 1 doz Local Free-Range Eggs
- 8 Locally Produced Tomatoes

1lb Black Pudding Sticks - 2.00 each

breakfast pack